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Alshemari Double Forceps

These patented forceps are designed to give greater control during cutting or suturing procedures. They maintain two points of contact which eliminates the need for additional forceps. Alshemari Forceps come in two sizes. Each size has two different tip options. The knurled tip configuration has small ridges for manipulating delicate tissue. The toothed tip option is designed for less delicate tissue like skin and muscle.


Alshemari Needle Driver

His new driver allows the surgeon to apply sutures in areas that would be difficult to reach with traditional drivers. This results in less invasive procedures, particularly in areas such as the base of the tongue or in difficult to reach abdominal procedures. The patented design features a unique lever arm clamp to ensure the needle is held securely. Unlike traditional drivers, the Alshemari holds the needle parallel to the handles and allows sutures to be applied with a vertical rather than elliptical motion. This makes for faster and more accurate procedures that are less fatiguing for the surgeon.