About Us

Inspired by an unyielding passion for innovations and improvements in the medical space, Dr. Hasan Alshemari has made it his mission to improve patient care and treatment in the operating room. After receiving his fellowship from McGill Medical School in Canada and Harvard Medical School in the United States, Dr. Alshemari pursued a career in Otolaryngology.

Since 2011, Dr. Alshemari has been a member of Sabah Al-Ahmed Center Giftedness and Creativity in Kuwait. In an effort to support and encourage talented Kuwaiti individuals, The Sabah Al-Ahmed Center has assisted Dr. Alshemari in his quest to improve and create new surgical instruments. With 13 issued patents and more pending, Dr. Alshemari owns the highest number of medical patents in Kuwait. 

As the founder of Alshemari Instruments, he firmly believes that clinical research plays a vital role in the enhancement of patient care. Dr. Alshemari, one of the top Pediatric Otolaryngology Specialists in Kuwait, is working towards presenting new surgical technology to not only make surgical procedures more precise, but also more safe.